Rosen Method Bodywork
Embodiment through Touch

Bodywork and Online Consultations, Sessions and Rates

Rosen Method Bodywork sessions or Online Embodied Self-Awareness Consultations 

The cost is $135 for a 55 minute session by cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, or credit card

Every bodywork or online session is different and sessions can have unexpected effects. I recommend that whenever possible, you leave at least one hour after the session without other commitments, to give you time to process. 

Click here to schedule a Rosen Method Bodywork session or an online Embodied Self-Awareness Consultation. 

NEW!: In-person bodywork sessions are now available for people in the vicinity of Salt Lake City. Until further notice, these sessions will be on Mondays only and for fully vaccinated people only.

As a certified Senior Teacher of Rosen Method Bodywork, I also provide online supervisions and case consultations for Rosen Method Bodywork trainees and professionals.

During online Embodied Self-Awareness Consultations, I use a similar therapeutic process as during in-person bodywork sessions, including embodied listening and support for client embodied self-awareness from a distance. Because there are no official guidelines for using Rosen Method Bodywork in remote sessions, I am calling these remote sessions Embodied Self-Awareness Consultations. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP), of which I am a member, permits online sessions that serve the purpose of creating and maintaining a therapeutic connection between a bodywork therapist and client, as well as guidance for body-related issues and facilitating body awareness if sessions cannot be conducted in person. In addition, my Utah licensure as a Massage Therapist allows for “counseling, education, and other advisory services to reduce the incidence and severity of physical disability, movement dysfunction, and pain plus similar or related activities and modality techniques.”


For both in-person and online sessions, I am not trained in, nor will I provide, any of the following services: (a) medical advice; (b) treatment or diagnosis of any physical or mental illness; (c) psychotherapy, psychological counseling, psychoanalysis, or behavioral therapy; (d) body psychotherapy, yoga therapy, Feldenkrais, Alexander Method, Somatic Experiencing or any other form of body-based education and treatment other than Rosen Method Bodywork or Embodied Self-Awareness Consulting; or (d) lifestyle and other forms of coaching.

Embodied Self-Awareness Consultations$135 / 60 minutes
Rosen Method$135 / 60 minutes